Message From The President

Welcome to the homepage of the Tri County (Peoria) Urban League. The Board of Directors and staff are pleased that you have chosen to visit this site and learn about the Urban League.

Since 1965, when the Peoria Urban League first opened its doors, our community has made a deliberate effort to build a strong and viable institution which will ensure that African Americans and others in need will be able to secure equal opportunities, educational assistance, employment, counseling, and a variety of supportive and collateral services associated with the endeavor to build the full potential of a community of people. The Urban League has a long and rich 50-year history of helping businesses and government meet the challenges of successive generations. Together, Black and White, old and young, have pulled together to create the Urban League, with the power to infuse and create massive success for those groups and individuals who participate in the Urban League process.

The Urban League is a visionary organization that has developed a vision of the future. This vision is one of hard work and the aspirations of a people, once denied. The vision of the Urban League was to have a professional and nationally supported institution with the ability to seek out opportunities for those where no opportunity existed. Our vision encompasses the ability to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond, to help the disadvantaged seek jobs and careers that were once denied to them. This vision goes further in creating educational opportunities and building skills that create excellence in our children. We are proud that so many of our friends, supporters, and staff have taken the challenge and persevered to make the Tri-County Urban League a respected agency known to deliver the required services and results needed for our population. We have developed plans and strategies to address the social, economic, and educational needs that confront our community. We have opened our doors to anyone who has requested assistance to improve his/her quality of life. Our vision is important to us and we feel that we must share our successes with any individual who wishes to make a deliberate effort to improve his/her life and contribute to their community.

Our Board of Directors, over the years, has done a tremendous job of planning, budgeting, and securing opportunities for the Urban League. Their ideas and resources have given the Urban League a vast network of opportunities in which we have been able to secure positions in just about every institution, business, and level of government in our tri-county area. We are proud to say that we have grown our own successes. We have always instilled in our participants that each one must teach one and be able to extend their hand of prosperity to lift another out of despair. All Urban League role models are genuine success stories who have been built from the ground up with hard work, practice, sweat, and determination. We are convinced that there is no easy way to be triumphant in a world that has so many barriers for disadvantaged people.

Urban League has had 50 years of building and achieving its accomplishments, and we are proud of the Peoria Urban League for its ability to stand up, and show growth and pride in its task to serve others. Our vision for the future is to continue to seek out greater accomplishments, serving more people, strengthening our community, reaching out to those in need, and sharing our resources and abilities to all that would receive us. We are extremely proud of our volunteers, who continue to work very hard to assist us in providing relevant programs and services. We know that a community that works together will build a brighter future and its children will have untold opportunities and the ability to fulfill their destiny and dreams. Together, we can empower communities and change lives!


Laraine E. Bryson

Celebrating over 50 years of
service in the central Illinois area

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