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Empower ing Communities. Changing Lives.




Urban League Friends and Colleagues:

The Tri-County Urban League is proud to serve our community! While many in our area struggle to find a clear pathway to a productive future, we are here to provide a helping hand, a word of encouragement and holistic

programs to assist them through life's challenges. We take pride in being able to assist them with gainful employment, improved academic skills and stronger social skills to build strong individuals and families.

Collaboration has been a tool used to align resources to make a difference. Working with Illinois Central College and Jobs Partnership continues to be a bright spot to assist individuals to gain new skills in a growing industry and improve the environment, at the same time in the Central Illinois Solar Training Pipeline Program. Over the past year, the Urban League has witnessed the success of over 20 individuals become certified solar panel installers and embark upon a new career with a livable wage.

Illinois Central College is leading the way to improve opportunities for individuals to obtain certifications beyond high school and building the workforce of the future through the Regional Workforce Development Alliance and the Workforce Equity Initiative. The Urban League maintains a strong collaboration with both initiatives to insure those with multiple barriers have opportunities to gain a certification that assists them to gainful employment and the necessary case management and supportive services to complete the programs they pursue. These efforts will insure our community continues to strive.

The support we receive from each of you enables us to continue to provide a beacon of hope for those we serve. We thank you for your generosity and believing in us. We are so grateful for your encouragement and support these past 54 years and look forward to many more years of partnership to empower our community and change lives!

� R. Ro�

Board Chairman

�M4'1,l:/ g,_ vr-


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The prugr'dlusi in.the EdumtXm D:pa:rtmmt of the Tri-County Urban. t.raguc provide apld:hora of aumlemk expcruc:nmi fur and mull&.. acrvloos arc dmignal to atiist clientsto builkl BC:almik skiills to pl!l"S'l.IC thcir alum.tiona'I goals. Programs indudc

The family laming ntcr proviks imfiWdualiizm BC'lf-pam:l llitcraq and Adu1t Ba51ir: Education.(ABE) instructmon es "'di "1!i GED (Gmcra.1 .Hdum.tiiona'I Drvdopmmt) Tmt prqmiltion. fur sh.u:fmJB ages 16 and up. !Partiambii mrotla:I 'YaI'J ccadc:mi:a'lly fmm levels a.o to 12.9 in.irmdi:ns, m.;th, lan.guage arts, aad spdli:ng.. Outcome& of tlx: prog:ram arc

toadmic-w: a grade gain illl oru:£ rd'.)eda and/or sua:msfuly pass tlx: fuur offici_. tcsts in.!Rasxming and language Arlri,, EK:Jci:oce &mal studim. Thf.t Jf!M', ,fb96 of ti» 4J 'Sludli.ts MoHtd m theptogmm stlCtt.ufu

tiJtaID111 a tpdgain .in tt:d11& m'ltlh,. arts; ad/« q»HiDg, otpulittl the GED nam.

The Aftcr-Schoo11 Tutorial frogram p:omotra .csu.cassi& cmpbymcnt a:.dirrum byproviding youth m gradrs K-1 and adult learn.era, 'Kith oomm'Ork hdp in.all Edljcde (indmlmgcolDqc-1£\rd Comaai), and h:st p:n:paration_ With thehtip otirogr.;m: :md cotMdtMd wlmJtMn, tbit: wat ab/ tD·pttwhl hitori111

to· 1tYJyottfh :md 20 adttlls.r..ut Jl!M; 9196 of dM!I sfbl'.imts- :md adttlt 11-amtts- at:atll!mk •er

The Cmmnurnity Tedmology CLJJ.ta hdp:si youth and mu1ts wiil:h the·tcdmOlogy skiills JllJ:assa.ry fur 611.CCCSSI JR tht digital age. H isdmigncd to hdp bridge the digirtal diividi: thiat ia (!D"CliClll m most IOY1'-m rnmrmmitim 'Jhisymr, over 150 imiividualsi haw: bcndittJ:d &om <0:am to the Commurniil:y TedmOlogyntc:r, by 'Kay of homcworlJpoojcct OOJ11!11d cmp1oymmt appllimtion oompldiion, oroomputcr m311 tain.mmt/upgralc.

TumolilDW-'s Scicnfists, Tcdm1.ciana and M:anagcra IP:rog:r-am fl'Sl'M) is dmlp.m to l!KTVC esatool to 11110tivatc and

moouragc: mioority and undrqn:Mlcgal youth to aap.Urc: the ncamary educational skiiDsa:quind for C:an:crs m, h:dmology, cngina:ring, artsand mhcmiate (:STEAM). Si!ID: 1978,tlx: program hasdrvotal itsdf to implanting armemk and stJOCCss in. th£ lli'W:s of the yruih. 1h£ TSTM IP.rogra.mprovidesstu.drn.ts with

atiistance m cm:Tirulum selection, rotlrgc and cara:r ooun.cdmg. amdnniif: tutorials, field training. sdmhrship

mcmtivcs, summer m.ridmu:nt, ootrra.dt and oommuniity acrvla: and m:ogaition. and orlmtation_


TSTM also collaborates with the National Society of Black l'.ngineers (NSBE), local Fraternities and Sororities, Illinois Central College, Bradley University, Caterpillar African-American Network (CA.AN ), and other organizations and

groups to conduct satellite actjvities for further student enrichment. The partnerships have created opportunities such

as the Engineering Club, also ki1ovvn as NSBE Jr, which introduces the students to various engineering professions and opportunities; Girls Who Code (G,1\TC) Club, which provides coding instruction to Middl e School boys and girls; and the Bridge Club, which prepares Middle School students for the Annual Bridge Building Competiti on in February.

Thepast year, 72 middle and high school students actively participat ed in the TSTM program. Out of the 72 students, 71 (99%) of them gained knowledge and demonstrated learned skills. Every one of the high school seniors (100%) enrolled in the program was accepted into a four-year college/ university and received at least one scholarship.

2019 High School TSTM College tour to Memphis & Nashville, TN (Fisk University)




The Urban League's Counseling Department is focused on program services that build strong families. Youth are offered after-school programing that builds self-esteem and prevents negative behaviors. Families engaged in the child welfare system have several programs to assist them to get back on track and the Parent-Child Education Center is developing strong minds every day. For example, the following programs are offered:

Teens Organized for Pride and Success (TOPS) Program serves students ages 9-18. The prevention program helps students with goal setting, positive thinking, problem solving, and ways to prevent negative behaviors. In this program, 35 students were served and 1165 units of service were provided. Based on the students who were measured, over 85% increased in knowledge of healthy life skills in core areas addressed and over 85% demonstrated learned skills leading to positive behavior change.

The Visitation Program supervised and therapeutic visits between parents and their children in foster care, under the auspices of the Department of Children and Family Services, and according to their guidelines. In this program, 20 clients were served and 975 units of service were provided.

The Family Habilitation Program center on engaging the parent and caregiver in developing the skills necessary to support the management of daily household tasks, such as meal planning, budgeting, shopping, healthcare, hygiene, and accessing resources. In this program 15 clients were served and were served and 450 units of services were provided.

The Parent Education classes are "Infants, Toddlers and Parents" and "Parent with Love & Logic." These classes have been helpful to the clients we serve because they provide practical and effective parenting methods for infants to

teen children. Through these classes, parents learn positive approaches to parenting and how to help their children be ready for the real world. In these classes, 60 clients were served 750 units of services were provided. Based on the clients who were measured, over go % of the parents show appropriate interpersonal skills or better and go % demonstrated positive behavior change.





The Parent-Child Education Center serves children ages 6 weeks to s years of age. Students are provided a nurturing, safe environment with caring teachers who are committed to their early childhood education. Stimulating curriculum is offered that engages the child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical development and insures they are prepared to enter kindergarten functioning at age appropriate levels. Parent engagement is an important focus on the Center and staff strives to keep parents informed of their child's progress on a regularbasis. The Center's goal is to prepare all children for kindergarten and a successful educational future. In 2019, 46 students were served, with over 28, 300 units of service provided. Of the students measured throughout the year, 93% gained age appropriate skills while in the Center.

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2018-2019 was a bitter sweet year for the Employment Department as some program grants ended. Although two programs came to conclusion, the Urban Youth Empowerment Program-RISE and the EPIC Program, the department exceeded all goals and outcomes for the year. The Employment Department also strengthened programs by adding several program measuring tools to assist with overall delivery, measuring and tracking of customer participation

and satisfaction.

The major services offered include outreach and recruitment, assessment, counseling and job preparatory skill development, job referrals and job placement. Participants are counseled to assist them in developing career goals and pathways that will lead to employment success.



Participants Served



Units of Service Provided

One-on-One Case Management




One-on-One Units of Service




**211 of the 217 participants successfully completed the Job Training/Coaching Program - Goal: go% Actual: 97%

**108 of the 211 participants worked part time or full-time jobs Goal: 45% Actual: 51%

**91 of the 108 participants earned more than minimum wage and/or became employed full-time Goal: 35% Actual: 84%

South Village TIF Job Training Program

The City of Peoria funded program offered residents who live in the South Village TIF area many employment services to improve their quality of life. Services offered include job training assistance that focuses on workplace tools, education, employment and career pathways that lead to industry recognized certifications and/or job placement.

Of the 18 individuals served, 12 have obtained industry recognized certifications and 12 have been placed in unsubsidized employment.

Central Illinois Solar Workforce Pipeline Training Program

This innovative collaboration between Illinois Central College, the Urban League and Jobs Partnership continues to train individuals for solar jobs of the future. The Urban League provided recruitment, assessment, eligibility and enrollment service for 16 students this year. Our students were very successful in 2019 with 94% completing the program and 93% of them passed the NABCEP examination and became certified. Many were hired in the industry and some participated in installing solar panels on the Urban League building.

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One participant of the Employment Department was very successful this year! Mr. Gabriel Camacho was a part of the Urban Youth Empowerment-RISE Program, where we assist young people to secure certifications and employment. At the time of enrollment, Mr. Camacho was without a high school diploma, was unemployed, a husband and father of three girls and one son. Mr. Camacho successfully completed the workforce training portion of the program, with help from agency staff and program funding, and registered for the Adult Learning Program at the Urban League to work on his GED. During this same time, Mr. Camacho also enrolled two of his young daughters into the Parent-Child Education Center at the Urban League. Mr. Camacho, with assistance of the Education Department tutoring staff, successfully received his High School Equivalency Diploma! Mr. Camacho proceeded

to take on the next challenge, and with the assistance of program staff and funding, enrolled in Drive 160 Truck Driving Program. Upon completion, he became gainfully employed working for a distributing company utilizing his newly acquired skills . Mr. Camacho was looking to become an owner/operator and took advantage of the financial literacy program and mentoring services in the Employment Department, where he was paired with experienced owner/operators that guided him through the process. This year, he purchased his own semi -truck and is successfully hauling over the road.

Mr. Camacho has taken advantage of all the programs that the Urban League has to offer and through his hard work and dedication completed every goal that he set for himself! All Urban League staff through all programs had a hand in his success and we are proud to have the Camacho family apart

of the Urban League family!

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1.a.raine E. Bryson


Glenn R. Ross


Maxine A. 'vVorlham, Ph.D


Sonya ]. Miles



nmony Kirkwood


Janice Little

Andre Allen Dwayne Banks

Chris Dubois K.t:rlunan

Tony O'Brian David Pond

Desiree Carlson DeTrail Davis

Jerome Guilford Alycia Hightower

Kecia Randle

Anthony Strickland

Kendra Davis

Yvonne Long

Karen Stumpe

Philip Davis

Kelly Lopotko

Gwendolyn Wilson









Fees/Grants - Government Agencies


United Way


Program Service Fees


Special Events & Miscellaneous


Total Support/Revenue

$ 992,107


Employment Services


Specialized Education




Management & General



Total Expenditures

$ 1,028,200

Change in net assets before pension-related changes other than net periodic pension costs


Pension-Related Changes Other Than Net Periodic Pension Costs


Change in Net Assets


Net Assets, Beginning of Year


Net Assets, End of Year

$ 1,180,223

The complete audit package, prepared by CliftonLarsonAllen LLP is available for examination at the Tri-County Urban League.




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Advanced Medical Transport of Central IL

African American Hall of Fame

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The Tri-County Urban League would like to thank all of our generous donors, corporate sponsors, and grant funders who have generously contributed to the success of the programs. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor list. Please accept our apology for any omissions or errors made.

Pat Tillman Patricia Tillman Valerie Timmes Timothy Turner Chris Todd Trailing Smoke

Deloris Turner Dorothy Underwood Clay Unes

United Parcel Service

Untied Brotherhood of Carpenters United Usher Board of Peoria Illinois Unity Point Health/Methodist

Van Zandt Entertainmant LLC Vanguard

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Zion Baptist Church




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